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Speech Therapy

Does your child...


Have a tough time clearly articulating a message to you as well as others?


Get frustrated or just “give up” when they are not understood?


Have a hard time with stuttering or talk at a rapid rate?


Have trouble producing specific sounds like S, R, or TH?

Unlocking Clear Communication Skills for Children

At Play on Words, we specialize in providing expert speech therapy tailored to the unique needs of each child we serve. Our therapists will work closely with you and your child to enhance articulation and overall speech clarity, ensuring that every sound is pronounced accurately and intelligibly. Whether it is addressing Childhood Apraxia of Speech, phonological patterns, stuttering, voice and resonance disorders, or quick-talking tendencies, we are dedicated to nurturing clear speech patterns that empower children to express themselves clearly and confidently.

We are here to help!

We’d love to talk about how we can help with your child’s needs.  At Play on Words, we completely understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate these issues with your child.  Please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below and schedule a call with us.

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